Karla Swartz, CMMP, LLC

Since 2004, I have spent a great deal of time expanding my massage skills with hands-on training. 

  • I am specially Trained and Certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner.
  • I am trained and Certified in Medi-cupping.
  • I Trained and became Certified in Oncology Massage under two of the top three Oncology Massage Experts in the nation, Tracy Walton and Cheryl Chapman.
  • I am Trained and Certified in CranioSomatic Therapy by Dr. Dallas Hancock (developer of the technique) at the Hancock CranioSomatic Institute in Tampa, FL.
  • I Trained and became Certified in Massage and Reflexology at Traviss Technical College in Lakeland, FL

I am highly skilled in rehabilitative techniques that have helped people who have otherwise been told that there was no help. Schedule an appointment today and begin, "Your Path To Relief."